A professional certification is a designation earned by an individual identifying they have demonstrated an industry standard level of knowledge in a specific topic, skill set, experience, and expertise within their fields. Certifications are granted upon completion of a combination of general educational experience, recommendations, acceptance of standards of ethics and conduct, and passing a subject specific certification examination.

WorkCompLine Professional Certification is credentialed and administered by The American Institute of Outcomes Care and Claims Management (AIOCM).

AIOCM’s certification process is based and adapted upon standards set by The International Accreditation Forum, Inc. (IAF). The primary function of the AIOCM is to set standards to ensure that accredited certificates may be relied upon for expertise, quality, and objectivity.

The major areas of standard compliance for AIOCM include the following:

  • Organization capability
  • Management of information
  • Organization’s adherence to certification criteria
  • Certification application process
  • Certification evaluation and approval process
  • Re-certification process
  • Continuous quality improvement for certification


Continuing Education Course (Non-Certificate Program)

Participants who take a course and complete all the requirements will receive a WorkCompLine certificate of completion with WorkCompLine CEUs. If a participant requires a CEU certificate for a specific professional body, this will be provided separately according to the requirements of the specific professional body.

For an online course, the user may print out the CEU certificate upon fulfilling all requirements. For an onsite or seminar course, the participant will receive a CEU certificate at the end of the learning session or upon completing all requirements.

Certificate Programs

The Institute for Credentialing Excellence has provided criteria for a certificate program as follows:

  • The program provides a course of instruction in a specific topic with planned learning outcomes
  • The program evaluates the participants’ achievements of those same learning outcomes via a comprehensive examination
  • When a learner undertakes a certificate course, he or she will receive CEUs for the program. Upon successful passing of a certificate examination, a certificate will be awarded for the program. The certificate will be awarded by WorkCompLine. This certificate will demonstrate that the individual has completed a course of instruction in a specific topic with planned learning

Professional Certification

An individual who has completed a certificate program may choose to pursue professional certification with professional designation. Certification is earned through the American Institute of Outcomes Care and Claims Management (AIOCM). Professional certification awarded by AIOCM reflects a third party endorsement of an individual’s professional knowledge and experience. To be eligible for professional certification, the individual must meet the following criteria:

  • General Education Requirements
  • Professional experience
  • Code of ethics
  • Education in the specific subject

Please refer to AIOCM.com for more information.

The Difference Between Certificate and Certification

  • Participants who complete a certificate course will receive a certificate acknowledging that the individual has completed a comprehensive course in a specific subject. The individual does not get a professional designation behind their name.
  • Professional certification is obtained upon successful completion or application and evaluation through a professional body.