Quality Education with Rigorous Standards – We meet them.

WorkCompLine Education is designed to meet and exceed rigorous quality standards. All of our courses on WorkCompLine Education are accredited by the America Institute of Outcomes Care and Claims Management (AIOCM). Accreditation assures users of the competence and impartiality of the accredited body.

Per AIOCM standards, WorkCompLine Education courses have to meet standards in the following areas to be eligible for accreditation:

  • Organization structure
  • Responsibility and content
  • Learning environment methods and support systems
  • Needs assessment and planning methods
  • Qualification of planners and presenters
  • Course content and evaluation
  • Evaluation of learning objectives
  • Award of contact hours
  • Free from conflict of interest

All of WorkCompLine’s courses are accredited by AIOCM.


The workers’ compensation multidisciplinary team of professionals; including registered nurses, medical doctors, medical bill reviewers, claims managers, attorneys, insurance professionals, brokers, and others may have specific requirements for accreditations of the courses for the purpose of issuing Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

WorkCompLine will take steps to meet all those requirements. This is a work in progress for WorkCompLine Education.